Customer Service

Salient Clothing Co. mission is to become the premier clothing retailer worldwide, and our winning Customer Service team is a central figure of that mission. The Customer Service team has a very clear purpose – to prevent, solve problems and thrill our customers.

Everyone who works in Customer Service is focused on preventing and solving problems for customers, from designing and developing self-service technologies, building and managing products and programs, to interacting directly with customers. We are equipped and willing to cater to ALL your needs whether, over the telephone or online, our only perturbation is the inability to serve you a warm cup of coffee while we address your needs.

The Customer Service team is constantly innovating to raise the bar on customer experience. We play a critical role in listening to customers and escalating pain points to enable Salient to improve and deliver world-class customer service that our partners and customers have come to know and trust. We like to think of ourselves as a Customer Service company that so happens to be selling AUTHENTIC pieces of clothing and accessories to accommodate the varying personalities. How may we help you today?